Traffic volumes

The Estonian Transport Administration conducts census of traffic volumes in accordance with the basic regulation. The census data is used for road design, construction and maintenance, distribution of budget funds and compiling of various manuals and other documents. Data regarding the number of vehicles, classes and traffic volumes is collected with stationary and portable traffic counters.

One census cycle lasts for four years, during which traffic volumes are counted on the sections with homogenous traffic volume of almost all national roads, this is optimal when considering the total length of national roads and the number of vehicles that drive on those roads.

Sections with homogenous traffic volume are those road sections where traffic volumes generally do not change more than 20%. Stationary counting points, of which there are 97, count traffic 24h a day around the year. The data collected with the help of those counters is used as a foundation for establishing traffic volumes on all national roads. Portable traffic counters are used in accordance to the traffic census plan that is approved every spring, the census period lasts from spring to fall and one traffic census takes a week. An average of 800-900 short-term traffic censuses are conducted every year.

The results of last year’s traffic censuses are published on the website of the Estonian Transport Administration in the first quarter of each year (in Estonian).

The annual average traffic volume in a day

cars per day

Last updated: 04.02.2021