State Port Register

The State Port Register is an information system in which Estonian ports and the corresponding documents are registered.

The purpose of the State Port Register is keeping account of ports in order to ensure the avilability to a governmental agency of the information necessary for performing the function of management of the safety and security of vessel traffic and environmental protection, and for exercising state supervision, arising from the law. The State Port Register also provides valuable information for the public, as seafarers get primary information about ports and their services through the State Port Register, thus facilitating voyage planning.

Three types of ports are entered in the State Port Register in accordance with their functions:

  • ports providing port services irrespective of the size of the vessel;
  • small craft harbours, where port services are provided to water craft with an overall length of less than 24 metres;
  • small craft harbours where no port services are provided for a charge.

As of 2017, the Port State Register contained data about 218 ports and harbours.

The port authorities entered in the State Port Register can perform various procedures via the electronic register in order to keep information about their ports up to date and meet the requirements arising from the Ports Act. Depending on the function of the port, the following can be done in the State Port Register:

  • Change the information about a port
  • Submit an application for designation of port water area
  • Selete a port in the register
  • Submit for approval the waste reception and handling plan
  • Submit for approval the port pollution control plan
  • Submit for approval the port and port facility security plans
  • Submit the application for evaluation of port security officers and port facility security officers
  • Submit the application for evaluation of harbour masters
  • Submit the application for conducting regular and full surveys of port facilities

The State Port Register information system can be found at the address and can be logged into with the help of an ID-card or Mobile-ID.

Last updated: 09.09.2021