Flying Drones from 1 July 2021

As of 1 July 2021, owners of drones are required to register as drone operators in the Transport Administration’s Flight Safety Supervision Information System (LOIS), pursuant to the European Commission Implementing Regulation 2019/947.

Remote pilots will have to acquire the basic A1/A3 competency required for flying in uncontrolled airspace. Drones can also be registered in LOIS. As one of the most important changes, the height limit dropped from 150 metres to 120 metres. In most other respects, the previous regime continues.

On 1 July 2021, a transitional period of 6 months began, with the gradual introduction of drone flying options in accordance with the Commission Implementing Regulation. At the moment, the Transport Administration is working on a regulation about geographical areas, and the testing of the option of application for special category flights in LOIS has started. In addition, information materials are being prepared regarding special category flights.

As mentioned above, starting from 1 July, in order to gradually familiarize drone operators with the new regulation, operators must register in LOIS to operate unmanned aircraft in uncontrolled airspace below 120 metres above the ground, and they must also acquire A1/A3 competencies.

From 1 July onwards, all new activities will be carried out in the Flight Safety Supervision Information System LOIS. The basic A1/A3 competency training materials can be found here (in Estonian).

Information regarding to regulations governing the use of drones in Europe you can find in

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Last updated: 12.10.2021