Maritime Safety

Maritime safety is a broad term including everything from ship construction to maintenance to how professional the crews are.

Information about ships detained in the Paris MoU area can be found on the Paris MoU website.

Updated list of passenger ships on regular service to and from Estonian ports.

Recognition of Certificates of Competency of Estonian Seafarers

A list of third countries recognized in accordance with Article 19 (3) of Directive 2008/106/EC with regard to training and certification of seafarers.

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Fairway Dues

Temporarily, from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021, all ships arriving at an Estonian port or the roadstead of an Estonian port are exempted from paying fairway dues. The exemption is granted to all ships irrespective of type and the flag flown by the ships. During this period the Estonian Maritime Administration will not calculate fairway dues or issue payment notices.

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Information for Agents

The New Inspection Regime (NIR) of the Paris Memorandum of Understanding.

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Recreational Craft Safety

The Recreational Craft and Inland Vessels Department of the Estonian Transport Administration is responsible for guaranteeing boating safety.

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Estonian Transport Administration's Circulars

The Transport Administration issues circulars to the maritime sector explaining the requirements of international conventions and current Estonian legislation. The circulars also provide guidance materials for maritime activities.

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Marine Environment Protection

Instructions for application for the certificate of insurance or any other financial security in respect of liability for bunker oil pollution damage.

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Online verification of seamen certificates and endorsements

The validity of seafarers' certificates of competency and endorsements can be checked by using the Estonian Register of Seafarers or by contacting us at the e-mail address

Issuance of certificates of competency

The Estonian Maritime Administration shall issue seamen certificates of competency to residents of Estonia, aliens and persons of no-residency status who hold a valid permit of residence in Estonia or have any other right to stay in Estonia arising from the law.

A list of physicians who have been approved to carry out a medical fitness examination for sea service of seafarers and cadets of maritime educational institutions can be accessed through the webpage of the Health Board of Estonia.

Last updated: 21.09.2021