Recreational Craft

The Estonian Maritime Administration acts pursuant to the Maritime Safety Act of the Republic of Estonia and to any other legal acts enacted thereunder.

The regulation “Requirements for Operating Recreational Craft” issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications on 3 August 2006 establishes the general requirements for operating recreational craft, including the requirement that a skipper of a recreational craft shall have a registration certificate and a certificate of a skipper of a recreational craft, if such a certificate is required in accordance with the Maritime Safety Act.

§ 1 (2) of the Maritime Safety Act stipulates that “this Act extends to recreational craft flying the national flag of Estonia and ships and recreational craft flying a foreign flag if so provided for in this Act”. According to § 9426 (5), recreational craft flying a foreign flag, when operated in Estonian territorial waters, are required to have the certificates demanded by the Flag State.

Last updated: 20.09.2021