Marine Staff Certification

Process of issuing endorsements to foreign Certificates of Competency.

The process of applying and the documents required

The following documents must be submitted:

1. The application form (DOC);
2. Two document photos or a digital photo of the applicant;
3. Copies of the CoC and endorsement. For a CoC that is issued by the Russian Federation there must be handwritten consent of processing personal data on the copy;
4. A valid medical certificate;
5. A copy of the passport or another document of identification.
6. Senior officers only:

7. A Letter of Authorization to the person collecting the endorsement from the ETA.

The state fee for each endorsement is € 10. If the Certificate of Receipt of Application requires an additional state fee, an amount of € 10 must be paid.

IBAN: EE 93 2200 2210 2377 8606 Swedbank or EE 89 1010 2200 3479 6011 SEB
Reference number: 2900073119

NB! Please write in the ‘Details’ field for what and for whom the payment is made.

Training Programmes Approved by the Maritime Administration

The list of training programmes that have been approved by the Estonian Transport Administration can be found here:

Physicians authorised to carry out health assessments

On the basis of subsections 261 (1) and (4) of the Maritime Safety Act, and in accordance with subsection 95 (4) of the Maritime Safety Act, the following physicians are authorised to carry out the medical examination of all crew members of vessels for international voyages and students applying for studies or studying at maritime educational and training institutions.

Check the Health Board web page here: (PDF)

Validity of Endorsements to Certify Compliance with Manila Amendments

Any endorsement issued by the Estonian Maritime Administration which is valid after 01 January 2017 certifies that the holder has successfully completed all training required by the Manila Amendments to the STCW Convention and Code under Regulation II/1, II/2, II/3, III/1, III/2, III/3 and III/6. Therefore, no further documentation of the successful participation in approved training, such as Leadership and Managerial Skills, High Voltage, Bridge Resource Management, Engine-Room Resource Management and Radar/ARPA, is needed.

The validity of the endorsements (as well as certificates, diplomas, etc.) can be checked in the Estonian Register of Seafarers at

Estonian Register of Seafarers Available in English to Verify Certificates and Endorsements

In compliance with paragraph 16 of Regulation I/2 of STCW 1978, as amended, as of 01 January 2017, the Republic of Estonia will make the database for checking the validity of certificates and endorsements available in the English language through electronic means.

The information required to be available in accordance with paragraphs 14 and 15 of this Regulation will be accessible at or

When using Search in the Estonian Register of Seafarers, please enter the seafarer’s name exactly the way it is written on the documents submitted (certificates, endorsements, diplomas, etc.). There will be no results if the name is misspelt.

NOTE: The system is compliant with the Estonian data protection law and is security protected. Access is only available to maritime administrations, shipping and crewing companies and other interested parties who have a legitimate need to verify certificates in the Estonian Register of Seafarers.
Requests for access can be made on the same website by providing the requested information (the company who requires access and the reason why). All requests will be registered. The Maritime Administration reserves the right to annul the access granted if there is no legitimate need for it. Users will be informed of such decisions.

NB! When filling in the registration form, the applicant cannot start using the Register of Seafarers immediately because the registration must be accepted. The applicant must first submit the registration details to become a user, and wait for access to be granted. Only then can the user log in.

Legal background

- The Estonian Maritime Administration recognizes the CoCs and CoPs issued to seafarers in accordance with all requirements by a third country, if the country has been included on the list compiled by the European Commission about countries whose CoCs and CoPs are recognized by Member States of the EU.
- Upon recognizing the documents the Estonian Maritime Administration shall issue an endorsement, marking on it all the restrictions due to the post, the duties and the level of responsibility of the person concerned.
- The Master, the Chief Mate, the Chief Engineer and the Second Engineer who work on ships flying the flag of the Republic of Estonia shall acquire appropriate knowledge of Estonian maritime legislation, which shall be proved in written form by the company or their representative.

- An officer on management or operational level may work on ships flying the flag of the Republic of Estonia up to 3 months, if he/she is the holder of a CoC or a CoP with an appropriate endorsement issued by a third country and to which the Estonian Maritime Administration has not yet issued an endorsement to prove that the person is competent to work on ships flying the flag of the Republic of Estonia. In that case there shall be a certificate aboard ship according to the form that has been specified in Annex 43, issued by the Estonian Maritime Administration, proving that the person concerned has submitted to the Estonian Maritime Administration an application for the issue of an endorsement. 

Last updated: 21.09.2021