Electronic Maritime Information System

The objective of the Electronic Maritime Document Exchange is to facilitate the communication, collection and storage of information regarding maritime transport.

The EMDE acronym comes from "Estonian Maritime Documents Exchange", but the name "Electronic Maritime Information System" is more widely used. It is our "National Maritime Single Window" as well.

EMDE environments

The EMDE environment has a section open to the public. Anyone can log in with an Estonian ID-card and access it without previous registration. User rights for the system can be obtained from EMDE support persons. It is also possible to obtain a user name and password to log in more easily without an ID-card. The standard way to obtain the rights is to send a digitally signed application to EMDE help desk; it should be signed by an authorized signatory. The respective addresses and forms are on the EMDE login page.

NB! After the user attempts to log in with a wrong password more then three times the system locks. But the locked system unlocks when the user logs in with an ID-card. The user can also contact the help desk.

It is currently not possible to log in with the ID-card. It is possible to ask for a user name and password with the rights from EMDE support persons. Since this system has not been given access to the actual data, everyone who asks will be granted access. All real system user names and passwords as of autumn 2014 have been entered already.

Upload forms

Interface specification

  • EMDE_v6.wsdl (10.15 KB) – x-road services definition (X-road version 6)

For xml used for data exchange in X-road:

For xml used for data upload:

Estonian English
Dangerous cargo (HAZMAT IMDG)
ISPS 10 last visits
Waste notification
Passanger listi (FAL6)
Crew list, crew effects (FAL4, FAL5)
Ship stores (FAL3)

Last updated: 03.02.2021