Information for pilots

For conducting skill tests, proficiency checks and assessments of competence an examiner must hold examiner certificate issued in accordance with Commission regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 by EASA Member State.

All examiners holding certificate issued by EASA Member State other than Estonia wishing to conduct skill tests, proficiency checks or assessments of competence to Estonian licence holders shall review the latest available information containing the relevant national procedures of Estonian Transport Administration (TRAM). For this examiners must self-study the the Examiner Differences Document on the EASA website and declare the knowledge of it in writing on the applicable check-flight form.

Notification of the intention to conduct a skill test and the related forms and documents of all tests, checks and assessments should be sent to e-mail


Pilots may only fly in accordance with performance-based navigation (PBN) procedures after they have been granted PBN privileges as an endorsement to their instrument rating (IR/PBN). Pilot shall be granted IR/PBN privileges where he or she:

  • has successfully completed a course of theoretical knowledge including PBN;
  • has successfully completed flying training including PBN;
  • has successfully completed either a skill test or a proficiency check including PBN.

A record of the successful demonstration of competency in PBN shall, upon completion of the skill test or the proficiency check, be entered in the pilot's logbook or equivalent record and signed by the examiner who conducted the test or check. Pilots need to send TRAM a proof about completing PBN theory course and a report form of skill test or proficiency check that includes PBN.

IR pilots without PBN privileges may only fly on routes and approaches that do not require PBN privileges until 25 August 2020; after that date, PBN privileges shall be required for every IR.

Deferment of applicability of PBN provisions in Annex I (Part-FCL) to Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 to 25 August 2020 has been issued to pilots holding CPL/ATPL licences and IR who operate on behalf of CAT or NCC operators and use aircraft not fulfilling all airworthiness requirements for full PBN Operations by the decision of Director General of Estonian CAA.

Validation of licences

Estonian Transport Administration recognises, without additional requirements, licences issued in accordance with Commission regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 by EASA Member States. Estonian Transport Administration may accept third country licences issued in accordance with ICAO Annex I. Conditions for accepting these licence are laid down in Article 8 of 1178/2011. For operating an aircraft, registered in EASA Member State, the pilot must be the holder of a Part-FCL licence or holder of a third country licence which has been validated by EASA Member State.

Pilots shall apply to the National Aviation Authority of the Member State where they reside or are established. If they are not residing in the territory of a Member State, pilots shall apply to the National Aviation Authority of the Member State where the operator for which they are flying or intend to fly has its principal place of business, or where the aircraft on which they are flying or intend to fly is registered.

For validation of a licence the applicant has to submit application to Estonian Transport Administration together with:

  • his/her current third country licence
  • current Part-Medical (professional pilots) or ICAO Annex 1 medical certificate (private pilots)
  • actual flying log book(s)
  • latest check flight report(s) on type(s) of aircraft which validation is applied for
  • language proficiency certificate
  • proof of identity

Automatic validation of Pilot licenses

A pilot intending to fly outside Union territory on an aircraft registered in a Member State other than the one that issued the flight crew licence shall carry, in print or in electronic format, the latest issue of the ICAO attachment, which includes a reference to the ICAO registration number of the agreement that recognises the automatic validation of licences, as well as the list of States which are party to this agreement. ICAO attachment is available on EASA website.

For further information please contact:
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Last updated: 07.09.2021